Current Transformer Manufacturers Vijayawada

current transformer manufacturers Vijayawada
Phase Three phase
Power Up to 33Kv
Cooling type Dry type/ Air cooled
Core type Wound, ring core type CT
Accuracy 1 or 3, o.2

Voltactive is one of the largest current transformer manufacturers Vijayawada. We manufacture high quality and reliable transformers designed to satisfy diversified industry needs. We offer various types of power, distributions, industrial, electronic, high voltage and current transformer. We have successfully installed many transformers for various applications with the best prices.

Current transformer manufacturers Vijayawada

A current transformer is a form of a power transformer that transfers power to current systems/stations/circuits like air conditioners, cranes, workshops and other power stations. A current transformer (CT) is a form of transformers that produces a current and is proportional to the present primary transformer. Current transformers, in conjunction with voltage,are potential transformers and square measure instrument transformers.