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Industry plays a key role in production and satisfying customers accordingly. So we have designed our company in such a way that it should accomplish the tasks smartly and efficiently. We did not compromise on the quality for this infrastructure.


Our exterior design is one of our key infrastructure. We have taken into consideration of how to construct it in such a way that it utilizes the space in an effective way. We utilized the maximum space for building our production unit and quarter of the space for the dispatch unit. We made sure that we build some space for our employees like dressing room and dining area behind the industry. We’ve added some greenery to our industry to encourage a pleasant environment around the production unit.


We have divided our interior part of the industry into a production unit, testing labs, storage unit and office. We further divided the production unit into four sections:- winding area, assembling area, transformers section and current and potential transformers production section. We made the work easy for production and dispatch for the workers and also to consume less time.