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Best Power Transformer Manufacturers

Best Power Transformer

Best power transformer manufacturers : Voltactive commenced its operations to serve the power industry by producing and exporting highest quality transformers. Since then, with a consistent effort and continual improvement achieved many milestones and now stand as the best power transformer manufacturer company in Vijayawada, India with hundreds of successful installations across the country.

Find here the largest and most trusted collections of the Best power transformer. A power transformer may be a static piece of equipment with two or additional windings, that by magnetic force induction transforms a system of alternating voltage and current into another system of voltage and current for the aim of transmittal electric power. We manufacture power transformers greater than 33KV/11KV & 33KV/433V.

Best Power Transformer Manufacturers
Phase Single / Three Phase
Installation type Indoor / Outdoor
Brand Voltactive Transformers
Usage Industrial
Voltage Upto 33 Kv

Very useful in stepping up or down the voltage,

Making the transmission of power is easier and cheaper

Efficiency more than 99%

Static device except OLTC gives it a longer life

Improves energy efficiency.

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